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Welcome to WeBuyCarsNJ.net! Customers choose our company over our “competitors” because of our commitment to convenience, quality, and honesty. From the first time you consider selling your used car in NJ, to the moment we pay you cold, hard cash and tow it off your hands, we’re always looking to make the process as smooth as possible. Other companies can make selling a car in NJ a hassle with their misleading advertisements, dishonest offers, and unnecessary towing and appraisal fees. You wont find any of that here. We believe in doing things the simpler way – dealing above the table, and turning your used cars, or newer cars, into the cash you need today.


The key to our process is our custom approach. WeBuyCarsNJ.net responds to all requests for quotes with an upfront, on-site evaluation free of charge, and we’ll tailor our offer honestly depending on the specific aspects of your situation. What’s more, we’ll buy your car right then and there, pay you in cash, and tow it away for free the very same day. We’re looking for all kinds of vehicles, from used cars, to newer cars, to wrecks – don’t hesitate to call. There can be so many headaches associated with trying to get cash for cars NJ, and we want to take care of them for you! Is you car financed or leased? No problem. Unsure what to do with the title? We’ll take care of the paperwork. So what are you waiting for?

Did we mention how convenient it is? We’ll respond to most calls within a few hours, and the process of selling your used cars only takes about ten minutes. Think about that; in just ten minutes you can turn unused, unwanted, or space-wasting vehicles into the money you need. Our search for used cars in NJ is always ongoing – we’ll even travel anywhere in the Tri-State area to take them off your hands. Let us work for you, and we’re guaranteed to get the job done right: every car, every customer, every time.

Selling A Car in NJ?

Are you selling a car in NJ? Wouldn’t you want to get the most fair price possible for your car? Don’t you want to get rid of it as soon as possible instead of waiting for a buyer to contact you? That is not a problem anymore, because WeBuyCarsNJ is here to help! Sell your car for a reasonable price and almost instantly. Our company is completely trustworthy and easy to use.

No other company will offer you a better cash price than our company. When you contact us for your free, no obligation quote we use all different types of processes to determine the offer we are going to give you for your car.

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