The Honda Civic has come a long the way; the car that began as a humble and affordable subcompact in the early seventies has evolved into one of the most classy and utilitarian models available. Now in its ninth generation, the car has only gotten sleeker, more powerful, more technologically advanced, and more fuel efficient since its premier, and the Honda Company is doing everything it can to stay competitive in the changing market.

What’s so special about the new Civic? For one thing it features Eco Assist technology, designed to help drivers get the most bang for their buck – and with ever-fluctuating (and usually rising) gas prices, they need all the help they can get. Also, the Civic is offered in three distinct versions. The regular gasoline model features a lightweight frame and economic engine help you at the pump; the natural gas model features a cleaner-burning and more ecologically friendly engine; the hybrid combines the best of both electric and gasoline power, depending on your unique drive and situation.

The Civic is also available in a variety of styles and colors. Though the sleeker look holds throughout the series, drivers can still find the car available in a sporty 2-door coupe, the more standard 4-door sedan, and the classic 5-door hatchback. We should also mention that the Civic, unlike some of its competitors, is still offered in both a 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission, which have been phased out of other popular compact models by other companies.

The Civic was, and remains, a solid choice in terms of its fuel-efficiency and design, but now, more than ever before, drivers are drawn by sheer style. It’s a good looking car, reliable under the hood, and only promises to get better moving forward.