At, We make a big deal over our 100% free, no-hassle appraisals, and for good reason. Other companies may charge you to come look at your used car in NJ, or may try to cheat you out of the cash you deserve for it, but you won’t find that here. Our company is so confident that we can work something out, that we’ll travel to you anywhere within the Tri-State area to make a deal, prepared to put cash in your hand, and remove your old vehicle the very same day.

Beyond mere convenience though, you should keep in mind that the representatives we send are always reliable and knowledgeable. Our guys know cars; it shouldn’t take them much more than ten minutes to give you a fair price on your used car, and they’ll never make an offer that they aren’t prepared to back in cash right away. Just ten minutes can end the hassle of trying to sell your used car before it even begins.

The heart of our customer service, though, is in how seriously we take your safety. Where our “competitors” might offer your concerns about who you expose your home and your property to, offers you the peace of mind that we would never send any one out on a call that we did not trust completely, and our spotless record speaks for itself. We’re always looking for ways to serve you better, and our commitments to safety and efficiency are the best ways we know how.