How to Rent a car in New Jersey

So you’re looking to rent a car in NJ? Well the process is relatively simple regardless of whether you’re car is trashed from a recent car accident, or you are visiting the Garden State from abroad. If you are flying in, there will be a list of companies you can contact to rent a car from New Jersey. If this is not your situation, search the web for a rental agency.

What You’ll Need

You will need a proof of insurance that will provide the following information..

Your policy number
The name of your insurance provider

Forms of Payment

Car rental agencies generally only accept payment from a credit card. It is very rare to find an agency that will be willing to accept any other form of payment.


Next, you will receive a rental contract for the car that you will need to fill out. Sign and initial wherever prompted to do so. You will be offered a temporary insurance plan for the rental car which will protect you from excess payment in the event of an accident. You are not obligated to accept this insurance although I do recommend that you do so.

Other Important Information
-If you are particular about the car that you want, make sure to ensure that the agency has your specified model.
-In New Jersey, no rental agency will provide their services to anyone under the age of 21. Other than that, many agencies do not allow individuals below the age of 25 to rent a car. Make sure to call ahead of time to make sure you are eligible to rent a car at all!

Being that you are in the circumstance of having to rent a car, it is safe to assume you are either traveling, or you need a temporary replacement car. That’s where we come in! If you wish to get rid of your car quickly and without hassle, contact one of our representatives at! We will contact you back in four hours or less, have a representative go to your location and appraise your vehicles worth ( For Free! ). After which, it is up to you to decide to sell your car or not. You are under no obligation to sell the car to us if the price does not fit your liking. Call us today!