How to sell a car in NJ

If you wish to sell a car in New Jersey, there a few considerations that must be made before your vehicle can be sold.

1. The buyer is the one responsible for paying the sales tax in NJ, not the seller. It is also on the head of the buyer to register the newly bought car in his name as well as getting new tags. Buyers are also required to take the old title into the MVC ( Motor Vehicle Commission ) to have ownership transferred.

2. It is imperative that you ( the seller of the car ) find out what the car is worth on the market current as to not get cheated out of what your car is actually worth. However, one must consider that a car in poor condition will not be worth the same as one in mint condition.

3. Make sure to clean your car and make it looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible before attempting to sell it. Do not underestimate the power of face value! It may also be a good idea to perform minor repairs on the car. Make sure that the repairs are cost effective though.

4. What you do next depends on how much of a hurry you are in to buy the car. If you are pressed for money, simply visit and a representative will visit you within the next four hours! If you wish to keep your options open, put ads in a newspaper, online, or put posters around your town. Consider advertising on the actual car as well! This can be done by placing a number where you can be reached on the windows or the car, or a flier on the windshield. Get creative!

5. When the transaction does finally take place, it is necessary for you to sign the back of the title, list the price and the odometer reading at the time of sale. After this is done, the title is now in the hands of the buyer. However, for your own safety, it is recommended to make a copy of the title for your own records. Lastly, fill out a Bill of Sale, have both you and the buyer sign it, and give the buyer a copy.