Before you undergo any flooded car repair, consider this: Flooded cars can usually be restored to working order but it is commonplace for them to encounter problems for many years afterward. You have been warned.
-That being said, a friendly reminder. buys any car in any condition. On to the article.

Hurricane Sandy comes and turns the lives of those in and around New Jersey completely upside down. Aside from any other misfortune that has happened in the wake of the storm, your car has been flooded and you’re not entirely sure what’s next. Well do not start it before reading this article at length.

First Things First
It is imperative that the water is removed from the vehicle before any other action is taken. Either removal or cleaning of the following is necessary.
-Seats, carpet, interior panels, maybe even the headliner.
Unfortunately, with water comes life. Depending on how long the car has been submerged, there may be mold beginning to form in the car. You will need to douse the car in bleach to kill any unwanted visitors.

After that..
Remove the spark plugs and now you will need to remove any water that has gotten into the cylinders. To do this, turn over the engine and this will remove any water that may have made it’s way in.

Remember, do not start the car until a thorough inspection has been done and the car has been cleaned.

Whichever mechanic you hand this task too should do the following:

1. Take a look at the mechanical parts of the cars. This would include the engine, axle, transmission, brake system, and the fuel system for water contamination
2. Drain the water from the contaminated systems and flush with clean water.
3. Drain and replace all necessary fluids
4. Any electrical components that were exposed to the floodwater may need to be replaced entirely because as we know, water and electronics do not mix. Even if these parts were exposed and by some miracle were not destroyed, the oxidation that will take place in subsequent weeks will ensure they are not functioning within the month or so.
Good luck with your endeavors.